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Environmental Engineering
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Jiangsu Mingyu Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. is subordinated to Jiangsu Yuming Group. It is mainly engaged in engineering general contracting (engineering design, equipment matching, installation and debugging, etc.) of water treatment field (industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater treatment, water treatment), technical consultation, And environmental protection facilities operation and management, environmental protection equipment research and development manufacturing and sales, water reuse, river ecological restoration.

The company has professors, senior engineers, masters, bachelor of the first-class level of professional teams and scientific research facilities and management personnel, also employs senior professors, experts and other professional team as the company's senior adviser, closely rely on the major institutions experts, professors And related scientific research personnel, will be scientific and technological achievements into the market.

Companies and the top domestic wastewater treatment professional planning and Planning Institute, Design Institute in close cooperation with a leading and mature technology and methods, and environmental protection, and many other professional contractor qualifications. Advanced, practical and efficient supporting equipment and debugging technology, at the same time with the dedication of the professionalism of the majority of owners is the most trusted friend. We have successively built a number of chemical, paper, printing and dyeing, industrial parks, sewage treatment works and water treatment works, all of these projects to achieve stable operation, discharge standards, customers and the industry generally recognized.

Over the years, adhering to the "unity and cooperation, to forge ahead, break through the self, the pursuit of excellence" spirit of enterprise, adhere to the "do large-scale, excellent products, fine management, and stronger" development concept, Industry linkage, highlight the advantages of all-round development "business strategy, committed to providing our clients with newer and better products and services for the community to assume greater responsibility and play better for enterprises to create more higher efficiency and value .

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Typical industry wastewater,organic waste gas treatment

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